Choose a theme to display the associated road trip What if tasty local cooking and specialities weren't just the fuel for your road trip but the engine... That is the idea behind our Food Trip itineraries! Are you looking for a range of different musical styles and out-of-the-ordinary sound experiences? Then look no further! From Brittany, through the Charentaise to the Haute Savoie, discover our summer Festival Guide. Announcement for lovers of skateboarding and surfing, thrills, spills and holidays with friends. Take off in Ride Style to discover the best surfing venues and our skate park Tour de France. Contemplative moments, discovery and wide, open spaces. These are the words that sum up our Nature Stop road trips. From the Rhone delta to the great forested estates of the North, three itineraries and three guarantees of unforgettable memories. Swallow up the kilometres as you discover the wealth and diversity of the French countryside. The Domitian Way, the RN 7 just like in the Golden Age, the Route des Grandes Alpes: three Road Book itineraries for lovers of long journeys. Mainland France has more than 4,700 kilometres of coastline. But if you don't have the time to explore every single stretch, don't worry! Whether in the Morbihan, Côte d'Opale or Côte Bleue, we have uncovered the best beaches, from the most illustrious to the best hidden to help you plan a memorable Beach Break.